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The Collective


Thank you for supporting local agriculture! We want to grow the food that turns into your family meals, your snacks on the go, your school lunches, and your holiday celebrations. If we don’t already grow your favorite fruits and veggies, tell us! Together, we can build a just food system and eat well everyday!

The Land

We’re so grateful for the opportunity to be caretakers of this piece of land in rural Minnesota. You are always welcome here. Come for a walk, a picnic, a work day, or a party and meet the people, creatures, and plants that call this place home.

Partner Farms

dcbl Acres, Avon, MN

Don and Cheri Sauerer

Mission:  Our mission is to grow and raise the highest quality wholesome foods, in accordance with the National Organic Program, for you and your family at affordable prices.

Farming Practices:  Our 227 acres, crops, pastures, produce, and herbs are certified organic.  Our animals are raised on our pastures and fed crops grown and harvested on our farm.  Our cattle and sheep are 99% grass fed. Although grains are not part of our cattle and sheep daily diets, we find our animals enjoy a handful of certified organic grains on occasion.  Our chickens are raised cage-free in an environment that allows for natural bird behaviors such as nesting, perching, and dust bathing, all of which are essential to healthy habits for birds.  Our pastures and crops are planted with certified organic seeds (non-GMO). Our hay is harvested using the old-fashioned method of cutting and allowing to dry in the fields by the rays of the sun for several days before baling (no preservatives or drying chemicals).  Our meats are processed at a local meat market.   Our canned and baked goods are made with organic ingredients.  Thank you.  

Join the Team!

Stay tuned for details about internships, apprenticeships, and employment opportunities!

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Collective | noun

 1: a collaborative enterprise