Let’s eat local all year round with canned sauces, pickles, jams, fermentables and dried goods.  

PIE: Sweet potato pie (made fresh by order), 10 inch, $20, Gluten free, nut crust available as well.

PANTRY: Caramelized onions, pints, $6 SOLD OUT

Corn Relish, pints, $5 SOLD OUT

Lemon Syrup, pints, $8  SOLD OUT

Pear sauce, pints, $6 SOLD OUT

Rhubarb BBQ sauce, pints, $6

Tomato sauce, quarts, $8

Zucchini relish (with mustard, turmeric and vinegar), pints, $6

Zucchini salsa, pints, $6

PICKLES: Beans (with dill, garlic and hot pepper), quarts, $10

Beets (with cinnamon and allspice), pints, $5 

Cantaloupe (with cinnamon, allspice and cloves), half pint, $5 

Cucumbers (with dill, garlic and hot pepper), pint, $5

Cucumbers (with dill, garlic and hot pepper), quarts, $10

JAMS: Cantaloupe jam (with vanilla), half pint, $5

Gooseberry jam, half pint, $6 SOLD OUT

Plum jam, half pints, $5


Kimchi, quarts, $10 SOLD OUT

Sriracha, half pint, $4 SOLD OUT

DRIED GOODS: Dill, half pint, $3

Dried Cantaloupe, small bags, $3 SOLD OUT

Dried Cherry tomatoes soaking in Olive Oil, half pints, $8

Hot Pepper Flakes, half pints, $6

Hutterite Soup Beans, 1 pound bags, $4

Lemon Balm, half pint, $3

Mint, half pint, $3

Rosemary, half pint, $3 SOLD OUT

Sage, half pint, $3

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